I’m Ensi, 23 years old, a voracious reader. This is my reading blog – my super specialised reading blog. I love talking and writing about reading, but this is my blog for books with LGBT and queer themes!

The publishing industry is getting way more diverse – especially, finally, in genre fiction – so I hope to put together a pretty comprehensive bunch of reviews seeking out not only fiction on diverse sexuality, but good fiction.

I’m definitely an enthusiast of fantasy and sci-fi fiction, and all books with heavy LGBT themes, but I love historical fiction, romance and thrillers too and try to branch out every now and then lol. I am utterly biased towards stories that are character driven and grab me with intense emotional engagement, but I do appreciate originality in fiction, in whatever form – be it fantastical new worlds of magic or in pushing for diversity.

All photography/graphics credit to me.